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A Manual for Walking

In every man lies a deep need to belong, and the fear of being rejected. In A Manual for Walking Hilde Elbers confronts us with constraining expectations with which we put ourselves under constant pressure. The perfect pose, the desired answer, the good mother, the successful employee, the sexy lover… We have to perform, go on, be strong, move forward. Flawless we learn to suppress any spontaneous wave and keep everything under control. The man who must. In all that having-to the sense of isolation and loneliness is lurking. 

Can we start again? Let go of what doesn't serve us? From closed to open? Be unprejudiced? Try to really reconnect, with ourselves and with others? Recover from the loneliness which has spread over us like a thick fog?

Hilde Elbers we know as sizzling dancer in the work of a.o. Conny Janssen, Itzik Galili and Constanza Macras. The last few years she also makes and dances her own work. As a choreographer she makes radical choices and has an endless fascination for the workings of the human psyche. As a dancer she carries out an intense physicality.

In A Manual for Walking this combination results in a loving, confronting performance scanning the borders of vulnerability. Hilde gets rid of conventions, she takes dance as an art form from its pedestal. Dance to mourn, dance to celebrate, dance that brings the inside out. A performance-event created in the moment by the presence and energy of the audience and the performer together. With this Hilde contributes to the latest trends in dance that explore what dance and choreography mean in our society today.

The lights are on
Control yourself
The lights are on
Thrive, Shine, Achieve, Acquire
Prove yourself once and for all
Drop it
Re discover
Your humanness
Re connect
Drop the masquerade
Re discover
A manual for walking


De NWE Vorst (première)
Tilburg (NL)
Podium 111
Tilburg (NL)
24 - 25.06.2016
Ostade A'dam
Amsterdam (NL)
13 - 14.08.2016
Teaterfestival Boulevard
's-Hertogenbosch (NL)
Mermaid Art Centre
Dublin (IR)
Het Parcours
Maastricht (NL)
Moving Futures Festival
Rotterdam (NL)
Dans en Beleving, The Living Museum
Bennebroek (NL)