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Dance what really matters for you: Self portraits

In these classes ore course trajectory’s we work towards a solo performance based on personal themes and engagement. We start with body part explorations: developing awareness of anatomy and the functionality of specific body parts. And how they relate to each other and the whole body. 

Connecting personal and collective metaphors, themes, associations and meaning associated to each body part and move into movement explorations, drawing, poetic writing and improvisational performances. In a curriculum based setting we will continue with the following. After the creative, honest and authentic research period, discovering and reflecting on present thematics we shift after 1/3 of the curriculum towards the creation of a performance ritual. 

We identify a meta theme and shape our material using coaching, showing and feedback techniques.The performance is then issuing forth out of personal urgency but transposes personal themes to universal relevance. After the performances one learns the method of this work and how to apply it in other areas of their professional live. For example how it can be uses in artistic work that one either creates ore participates in. In case of dance/art teachers we will learn how to use it in facilitation.

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