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Become who you really are: discover the characterstructures and survival styles

In these workshops ore classes we will look at diverse character structures and explore various “faces and masks” that you wear in order to get back to your essence.

You will gain:

  • Awareness of your personal strengths and access to your hidden qualities
  • Bigger influence and choice over your actions and self presentation
  • More grip and tools to effectively deal with yourself and others

When we grow up we learn about life and big themes like being welcome, being who you are and expressing yourself freely. Sometimes we are not seen, heard or met enough in our authentic expression.

As a child you quickly learn what behavior is desired the most. You adjust because you are dependent on you environment. I.e. the child laughs to keep a good atmosphere, or turns very quiet because anger is not appreciated.

Often as adults we still carry the traces of those survival mechanisms. Its like we wear a mask ore costume that used to serve us. But now it stands in the way of our full expression, learning and performance capacities or authentic relations with others. We will research and play with these structures and patterns. We make them humouristic, let them interact with one another, make them visible in drawings, let them speak trough writing. A light hearted mindful workshop with a big resonance on your professional and personal live.

In the film you see dancers in education. This workshop will be adapted to different target groups. Therefore there is no need to be able to move/dance/draw. We will use techniques designed for you.

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