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Moving beyond self-criticism: Transform your inner critic into a powerful ally

Would you like to be less tough on yourself or develop more self compassion? Would you like that your actions come more from a place of self-confidence and peace? Do you have a keen interest in what drives you and would you like to investigate your relationship with your inner critic?Then these custom made workshops ore classes are something for you.

Playfully you will encounter your inner critic. Discovering its function, its motivation and its positive intents. You will build a new and relationship with your inner critic so it can transform into a powerful ally. It will be an active and creative process that incorporates different working methods.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • 7 concrete steps to deal with self criticism in your daily life
  • Theoretical knowledge about 7 types of self-criticism and how to recognize them with yourself and others.
  • Theoretical knowledge about the nervous system and selfregulation.
  • More self awareness
  • More self acceptance en self confidence

The Inner critic is this voice inside that try's to convince you you’r not “something” enough to feel good about yourself, and makes you doubt your abilities and capacities.

It might tell you things like: you don’t earn enough money, you are a lousy parent/student/partner or friend. It can say: you don't work hard enough, won't make it, are not perfect, don't fit in, are not creative ore nice enough.

This critical voice and consequent self doubt make life more anxious and stressful
When we are in those states we cant function optimal. It blocks your professional and personal growth, It represses creativity and authentic expression. It can lead to self-doubt, low self esteem and various health problems

In this workshop we will investigate 7 types of inner critics and what you can do to silence them
With humor and mindful investigation you will learn how your inner critic is undermining you and what you can to do silence it! You will get tools to cultivate other helping aspects of yourself, and find out what your inner critic is actually trying to protect!

These workshops ore session put you back in the seat of power
Also possible to work on this theme in private sessions.

In the video will see dancers, but there's no need to have any knowledge ore experience with dancing and drawing. The workshop will adjust towards specific target groups.

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