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Improvisation and Instant composition

These classes will focus on improvisational dance and instant composition: A dance that unfolds in the here and now. Expanding our awareness of our body, mind and motion in relation to ourselves the space and others. Tuning into the moment, curious to see what will unfold, it is the art of creating with all that is, with all that lives right now and the capacity to mold it, shape it, form it in accordance with what the piece is asking in the very moment.

It is the process of spontaneously creating movement. Through the emphasis of instinctual, unpredictable, free movement that improvisation is centered upon the mover is able to explore authentic feelings and inspirations. 

We will start with tuning into our “body” instrument and then start to train technical aspects that one needs for composing in the moment. Our body, kinesthetic awareness,Imagination, decision making, rhythm, musicality, spacial use, etc.

In the second half we will focus on creating pieces, observing and reflecting. Bringing into practice the elements we previously trained. Also possible to separate improvisation classes from composition classes.