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A virtuous and physical class that uses inversions and elements of acrobatics. Improving your floor work skills, building stamina, strength and expanding your performance skills.

We start with structured improvisational tasks to explore various floor work techniques. Allowing you to research how your body in its own way can relate itself towards moving in and out of the floor. Tasks are orientated to find diverse, dynamic, and natural ways of moving in and out of the floor. We research how to let weight and energy go, passing organically, swift, and explosive trough the joints and bone structures. Improvisational tasks are designed to get an embodied understanding of principles that come back in combinations later on in class. Each combination focusses on the effective use of muscular effort.This efficiency of effort allows you to let go of unwanted and unneeded tensions. 

With the extra space created by letting go you can focus on ”being there” and include your awareness of space and others into our dance. Bringing your whole self into each movement so you don’t just merely copy steps. Instead you find what the dance means to you, expressing that through your own interpretation of the given choreography.

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