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Building more self-esteem: a healthy self and body - Image

We are all subject to the image we have of ourselves. This influences our perception of the world, our capacities for satisfactory living/working and our relationships to others. In these sessions ore workshops We look at external and internal factors, perceptions, judgements, ideas, ideology’s, feelings and thoughts that shape the image we have about ourselves and our body’s.

What you will learn
Learn about the factors that make up and influence your self perception, Get tools to change a negative self image and create a healthy and solid sense of self increasing self-esteem and self worth. This workshop promotes listening to the bodily que’s so one can take better care of oneself. Finding a place of rest, peace, expansion, grounding, joy and innate wisdom.

Body image for performing artists 
This session has an extra focus towards researching and balancing profession related factors like:

  • Overexercising
  • Preoccupation with diet
  • Comparing/checking
  • Self criticism

Body image for people with eating disorders
These sessions and workshops are designed to bring more safety, rest and peace in and with the body. The aim is to expand the range of positive body experiences. It allows people to get more acquainted with the signs of their body, its natural wisdom and promotes taking care of it. It will promote grounding, being in the here and now. The aim of this somatic work is to lessen the anxiety, overwhelm and stress by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic branch of the nervous system. Allowing more expansion, aliveness and joy.

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