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Artistic Career coaching

If you are working or studying in the arts field and wish to:
Reduce self-criticism, gain self-confidence? 
Deal with the practical hardships of the profession with more ease and clarity? 
Determine the next steps in your career? 
Expand your creative possibilities?
Have professional success without compromising your health or well-being?

I will help you:

  • Develop skills and a mindset that will enable you to deal with feelings of stress and insecurity
  • Discharge stress from acute injury's and vague returning bodily complaints, allowing the body to heal quicker
  • Help you with your creativity whilst having a stable sense of self
  • Navigate the waters of your profession with more ease, direction and clarity
  • (Re) discover your values, intentions, passion and goals
  • Regain balance quicker so that you can have optimal performance whilst staying healthy

Why would you seek body orientated coaching through the use of the expressive arts? 
The pressure to be or remain successful and going through challenges such as lack of jobs, high competition, unpredictable working hours, earning a living, auditioning, applying for funding or determining the next steps in your career can be physically, mentally and emotionally very stressful. Being in the artistic field asks for a lot of resilience. You need to re-invent yourself constantly and often operate under pressure. Self assessment, mental and physical health are therefore important. So you can live with the highs and lows that come with your profession without compromising your health and wellbeing.

Coaching will offer you insights and tools into the challenges you experience and the resources you have, whilst staying connected to your (artistic) process. It also will relax your body and bring it in a state that allows better performance. 

As you are already familiar with the arts this entry point allows you to use your existing skills in a new way: Expanding the range of your creative possibilities and gaining mental and emotional insights that will benefit your professional capacity's.   

Self critic
To be the best you can be you will criticize yourself and lets not forget you will be criticized by teachers, directors, choreographers and critics. Criticism and fear of making mistakes is the number 1 creativity and self-confidence killer. It can cause you to develop fear of failure and the tendency to underperform. I can help you learn to deal with your relationship to criticism.

Creative people and addiction
Do you find yourself struggling with eating problematics, alcohol, tv, drugs, internet, shopping, sex, cigarets, coffee or sugar? Are you looking for thrills, do you work out obsessively or cant find any rest? You are not alone.

In the artistic field addictive habits are not uncommon 
From personal experience, I know how it is to be in the artistic field and struggle with addiction. Years I  danced whilst struggling with food. Around me I've seen many colleagues and students struggle with diverse other addictive and numbing habits.

The creative high
When creating or performing you might experience that you disappear and become one with the art, the moment and you exceed your daily self. You get into a rush, a vibe, a flow i.e. “the creative high”. It can be challenging to come out of that high. The transition between being in the art space and daily living can be hard. Lots of artists find it boring and strange to live without being in an altered state. 

Turning to alcohol, drugs, food, sex and tv binge watching, are therefore not uncommon. Often these behaviours are used to blow off steam or get back into the “vibe”. They are also used to deal with the pressure, chaos and intensity of the artistic life. With both my extensive professional and personal knowledge, I can help you find more soulful and healthy ways to unwind and reduce stress. Sometimes artists imagine that being in recovery from addictive habits will effect the quality of their art making. They think that they can’t be in the artistic field without these coping mechanisms.

The truth is that when we are bothered by addictive habits they are no longer helpful and start to dominate everything we do. They rule us to the point of having no choice over our actions.

It is possible to live a fulfilling personal and professional life without the help of products ore altered behavior. You don’t have to do it alone!

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