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“Working with Hilde has brought me much more confidence in who I am and what I do.”


Self critic

Do you sometimes have this feeling that you

Are hardly ever good enough?
Not are smart, pretty, successful,nice, creative, skinny or muscled enough?
Are to lazy, loud, sweet, unkind?
Are a bad or unworthy partner, vriend, parent, student?
Could it always be better? do you have to keep on going?
Cant you finish things ore is it hard to even start?
Do you feel fundamentally bad about yourself?
Is it hard to enjoy achieved accomplishments?

Then your Inner critic is active: The inner critic is this voice inside that try’s to convince you constantly that you are not something enough to be able to make it or be happy and content. If your Inner critic is often present or very loud it can have big consequences.


  • Low self esteem
  • Stress, Anxiety and Panic attaks
  • Fear of failure
  • Eating disorders and addiction
  • burn out
  • Isolation and relational problematics
  • Learning problems
  • Underperforming at work or in studying

I will help you gain more self confidence and obtain a more positive self image, because you will:

  • Learn to distinguish yourself from your inner critic
  • Learn what makes you authentic and unique
  • Learn why the critic is there, when he shows up and how it undermines you
  • Learn to develop the helpful parts of yourself allowing you to do what you really want to do
  • Get theoretical knowledge about dis regulation in the body and how you can get yourself more regulated and in a relaxed yet awake state.

Also possible as workshops for groups, schools, healthcare institutions.