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"Hilde helped me to feel that im ready for the new and that im willing to walk a new road"

M gaines - client recovering from alcohol abuse


Do you feel:

Your alcohol, drug, food intake gets out of control?
Your to much behind the internet, shopping, thrill seeking, gambling or having meaningless sexual encounters?
Do you start to depend on activities ore substances to stay at ease?
Do you feel powerless ore stuck, lonely isolated ore misunderstood?
Do you want to get out the addiction cycle and find support recovering?

You do not need to do it alone
No matter how powerless you feel, It is possible to feel different. It takes courage and strength to face up to any type of addiction but don't give up, there is a way out with the right support. I have overcome addiction myself, with that hands on knowledge and my professional skills as an expressive arts therapist I will guide you with compassion and understanding to the core of your addictive habits. Together we will look for new ways of living. You don't need to be “clean” to receive support.

What do you gain:

  • Resources to support staying ore becoming clean and sober
  • Increased self-confidence, self worth and stress relief
  • You will learn to relate to diverse mind and feeling states, enduring them till they go away without the use of food, drugs, alcohol etc.

When we are troubled by addictive habits we face emotion and feeling states that seem unbearable. We try to self regulate through the use of external substances or altered behavior. We use them to blow off steam, to retreat, sooth, comfort, numb ore exhilarate ourselves. We might also use them in order to be able to be social.

The body orientated and creative process contains similar feeling states (highs and lows) that one also experiences in daily life. Like: fear, desperation,doubt and anger but also joy, wonder, positive surprise, excitement, contentment and fulfillment

If you can be in direct contact with your emotions and feelings, learn to accept, express ore digest them, then you can handle everything that comes your way without the use of substances ore altered behavior. You do not have to be ruled by your old habits, limiting thoughts and behavioral patters. You will be the master of your own life again!

Are you an artist and are you struggling with addiction? Have a look at Artistic career coaching

Why this method?
The use of substances ore altered behavior are coping mechanisms to deal with stress, emotions and unresolved issues. This working method provides an alternative coping mechanism and accessed the hidden feelings that contain the key to your struggles.

  • Creative expression and mindful tracking are a safe container
  • Anger, chaos, fear and sadness can be expressed in a safe way
  • It can identify and articulate feelings that are difficult to recognize ore put into words. And you will learn that the expression of them is positive and does not need to be feared
  • You gain more insight into your true self and all the things you really are
  • It helps to relax and enjoy life without the use of: food, sex, drugs, alcohol etc.