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"Working with Hilde has helped me understand myself better. Things that seemed too deep to grab are now becoming easier to reach and act upon."


Trauma healing

Did you:

Experience physical, verbal ore emotional violence?
Survived or witness an accident?
Loose a loved one?
Underwent surgery?
Experienced emotional of physical neglect?

Did you:

  • Get Bullied?
  • Undergo a divorce?
  • Witness (domestic) violence?
  • Get subjected to misused power dynamics, or have a small remark from your past still bothering you?

These and other big or small experiences that did not get the change to be fully processed can cause discomfort in our here and now lives. With experiences that did not get fully processed “survival energy” stays stuck in our body. But the brain stil thinks there is danger even though the event has since passed.

In order to keep going and live our lives normally all kinds of thoughts, behaviors, and believes come in order to keep the tension under control. If you recognize yourself in one of these symptoms then body orientated coaching can be helpful:

Signs and symptoms of trauma:

  • Sleep difficulties, restlessness, stress and anxiety
  • Burn out, close to burn out and excessive worrying
  • Mood swings, being quickly upset ore feeling close to nothing
  • Difficulties with intimacy, closeness to others and isolating yourself
  • Depression, feeling down, helpless, without energy
  • Having compulsive thoughts, behaviors, chronic dis- ease and pain
  • Addictive habits and eating disorders
  • Difficulties guarding your boundaries
  • Very defensed ore way to thin boundaries
  • Lack of trust and life force

Why body orientated therapy?
The mental process alone has limited value in healing in the aftermath of trauma, lasting change occurs trough bottom up processing. (Peter A. Levine)

During an overwhelming event our normal thinking capacity’s stop (there is no time ore space for that). And the body reacts instinctively from its biological responses.

With this working method we learn to focus on physical and physiological sensations as they evolve into perceptions, cognitions and decisions. (bottom up processing)

We ensure to the body that there is no threat, therefore releasing tension which will allow your thought, feeling and behavioral patterns to change. You will experience a strong reduction and relief of your symptoms. You will learn to self regulate arising tension and recognize triggering situations With that knowledge you can help yourself in daily life when you feel overwhelmed of face challenging situations and feelings.

Because we will work directly with the bodily sensations (such as, tingling, dens, warmth, etc. You don't need to know or revisit your experiences in order for you to heal. If your body feels unsafe to you we can also work with verbal expression or expression on paper (drawing). You will learn to come home to yourself, into your body, into your life.


  • More resiliency
  • More self-confidence
  • More energy and lust for life

Also available for group sessions, lectures and workshops.