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“With Hilde I find comfort, peace and understanding. The insights that I have gained together with Hilde are an immense help on my way to recovery”


Disordered eating

Do not let the numbers constrain you:

Do you experience a sad or lonely feeling of emptiness that you numb with food?
Do you notice you’re binging or purging even though you “know better” and feel awful afterwards?
Do you often say yes to others but secretly feel anxious or angry?
Are you struggling with the looks of your body even though others don't notice what you notice?
Do you actually eat too little for your body really needs?

It is possible to feel different. It is possible to recover:
You don’t have to do it all alone. In the safe environment of my practice or on skype we can investigate together your questions and challenges. My experiential understanding ( I recovered from an eating disorder in 2000) coaching skills and vast knowledge regarding eating disorders makes that I can guide you with softness, respect and compassion towards your recovery.

An imbalance with food often starts unnoticed and could grow into a seemingly untamable monster.
Food, fixation on weight and the looks of your body unconsciously have become ways to cope with thoughts, stress, emotions, and unresolved issues. Together we will find different ways to digest and integrate your experiences. Difficulties with food will disappear soon after.

After only a couple of sessions you will:

  • Experience a better relationship with your body (instead of considering it an ugly or difficult thing that needs to be controlled)
  • Be kinder towards yourself whilst still being able to perform.
  • Understand your feelings and emotions better and learn to cope with them in healthier ways.

You will gain:

  • More peace & calm and less stress
  • Reduction of restrictive thought and behavioral patterns.
  • More self-confidence

There is no “one size fits” all model to recovery
Though there are clinical classifications that are useful and can guide the process of recovery it is my personal and professional opinion that you are more than a “stamp”. You are so much more than your difficulties with food. You have strengths, capacity’s, clarity, life force and recourses that extend beyond your “eating disorder” no matter how hidden they might seem. Therefore our therapeutic process will not ignore your difficulties or past but will emphasize more strongly your strengths, capacities, resources and resiliency and I will help you build and expand upon your current capacity for connection to yourself, others and the world around you.

Contact me now for an appointment.

If you are interested to read more than below you will find what you might experience when you have difficulties with food or your body and clinical classifications.

What can you experience when you have difficulties with food or your body?
It can be that you are very critical about yourself or that you exercise a lot or rigidly. It can be hard to look in the mirror, and you see “awful” things that others don’t seem to notice. It can be hard to tolerate tension without using food. Not eating can feel powerful and in control, while purging or the use of laxatives feel like a relief. The way you think of feel about yourself is influenced by the number on the scale. You can be ashamed about yourself, feel depressed or isolated. It can be complicated to have dinner with other people and school or work might suffer under your disease. Your health might be compromised and it can be that you keep telling yourself that tomorrow you will quit and you don’t seem to manage. It can seem like “the food talks to you” and has some magic power over you. It can feel at times that you have no other choice then “to eat or not eat, purge or compensate in other ways. There can be good periods that might get you to think all is well, things are not so bad and you don’t need help. When a relapse comes you feel hopeless and like a failure. I can’t describe exactly how things feel for you as this you will know the best.

Clinical classifications:

Emotional eating: When there is discomfort or even lots of happiness you snack to make something go away or to celebrate.
Anorexia: you are very occupied with your weight and weight loss, you are eating less and stop variety in your diet. Your hunger feelings disappear.
Bulimia: Is like Anorexia only you loose the tight control over your eating behavior and you eat much more than you would like to. Afterwards you try to rid yourself of it through binging or laxatives.
Binge/overeating: on a regular basis you eat big amounts of food while you’re not hungry and afterwards you experience shame or regret.Orthorextia: you are extremely focused on eating healthy. In such a way that it limits you in your functioning and you experience tension if the food in your eyes is not healthy enough.

It is possible to leave the grip that food has over your life behind. I will support and stimulate you in understanding, learning about and coping with difficult and overwhelming feelings in new and healthier ways.