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Coaching and Therapy for self-empowerment

Just as plant automatically orientates itself towards the sun, each human being has the organic impulse to move towards connection, health, aliveness and balance. It is this fundamental bodily and psychological principle that lies at the core of my work.

“A powerful and grounded therapist who guides me with ease trust and clarity to the core of my worries in life. After each session I can accept and love a new part of myself.” (J.Schoofs)

From time to time, all of us struggle with thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are unwanted unproductive, or harming. We like to change things but at times it proves challenging to do so.

Coaching or therapy can then be very helpful.Together we will examine what you need in order to find relief of symptoms and complaints and get empowered.

I am a Life coach, Stress release and trauma healing expert. Somatic experiencing® Tamalpa's Life/Art process® and principles of voice dialogue and mindfulness from the pillars of the work we will do together.

My own past experience with trauma and addiction, my artistic background and the words Safety, Trust, Empathy and Compassion inform the way I work. 

With the tools you learn and the benefits you gain from our sessions you will build long lasting change and growth in both your personal and professional life.

you can expect professional and skillful guidance together with a true listening ear.


What is it?

I use both Tamalpa's Life/Art process® and somatic experiencing®, they are expressive art therapy and body orientated trauma therapy methods. These methods base themselves in Jungian psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis and the creative process. Using influences of mindfulness, bodywork and voice dialogue.

The natural capacity of our organism to find balance is incredible when its process is not stopped by an anxious, worried and overanalyzing mind. Acceptance, softness towards yourself and mindful tracking of body sensations and thoughts are therefore keywords in sessions.

This work is suitable for, Stress, anxiety, insecurity, self critic, fear of failure, tension complaints, addiction, burn-out, eating disorders and disbalances, trauma and ptsd symptoms, boundlessness, grief, dis balance between thinking and feeling, boundary work or unresolved issues.

This method is suitable for people who are analytically and rationally strong but also for people who prefer to express and gain experiences non verbally.

How does it work?

To re negotiate our habitual patterns and to create long lasting change the basic stance of science and body orientated therapists is that new experiences have to be owned on an experiential bodily level. They have to be integrated into the body/mind and nervous system in order to be effective. 

Talking, mindful observation of sensations, movement, drawing and writing can be used to catalyze a change process. 

The body never 'lies'
Each thought connected to a feeling causes a muscle change. Therefore you can see the body as a storage place and a conduit where its possible to see and experience all of your life’s experiences. This means that through the body we can identify, change and release any challenge we have. We can reduce and get rid of complaints. Living a completer, fuller and healthier life.

This method integrates Cognitive, emotional, social and physical processes, by linking a direct bodily experience to verbal reflection. Integrating the body and mind.

We translate the made discovery’s into daily life actions. You will gain insight in your behavior and feelings. And get to expand or (re)discover your possibilities and strengths. So you can actively design your own life to your wishes and needs. Absolutely no experience is necessary.

We work from a chair. Only if you feel safe and comfortable we will use creative play, movement or drawing techniques.
More about tools click here. And here

For who?

For everybody who wants less stress in their lives.

For everybody who would like support with small or big challenges and questions in life. And for those who feel fine but would like to experience more depth and meaning in life. 

For those who prefer to express themselves nonverbally and for those who prefer an analytical approach. For dutch and english speakers, young and old. You don't need to know anything about your body or creativity.

* Company’s/schools: Hire me for individual session to support employers and students. Increase the work capacity, health and learning capacity’s of your employees and students. 

* Group sessions: for mindful, creative or therapeutic workshops click here for offers and more info.


  • More self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Your mental, emotional and physical resilience will improve
  • You can attune your thinking, feelings and behavior better
  • Your ability to live free-er happy-er and easier will increase
  • Increased contact to your true emotions, feelings and thoughts
  • Better contact with yourself and the world around you
  • More choice in (difficult) situations
  • Your work and private relations improve
  • Gain a healthier body image
  • You live according to who you are and your full potential
  • You can follow and reach your goals and ambitions
  • More rest, peace, relaxation and balance in your life


About me

My name is Hilde Elbers (NL,1979) an ISMETA certified and registered somatic movement therapist and educator. Focussing on stress relief, trauma, recovery and artistic career counseling. For as long as I can remember I was fascinated with the workings of the human psyche in relation to the body. Yet I started out as a dancer and choreographer. During a part of my artistic career I simultaneously dealt with disordered eating, coped with high stress, huge self critic and symptoms of trauma. This propelled me into an even deeper search of the body/mind relationship, and so I recovered from my difficulties. 

I engaged in diverse meditation and mindfulness courses and I graduated in 2016 as an expressive arts therapist at the Tamalpa institute. Internationally recognized for its ground breaking programs and unique approach to movement based expressive arts education and therapy. Im continuing my journey by studying Somatic experiencing (body orientated trauma therapy).

I found that for me and many others the combination of expressing and sensing through and with the body, together with the analytical capacity’s of the mind one could achieve extraordinary things. 

Inspired by that journey my life’s mission became to help others who are struggling with their critical voices, addictions, stress or other challenges in life. 

I hope many people will find their way to live wholesome and fulfilling lives. I would be honored to be of service to you and help you on your journey.

Prices and location

A live 1 on 1 session or an Skype session is 1 hour 
€ 60,- per session ex Vat
€ 50,- per session ex Vat for students
€ 275,- for 5 sessions (to be used within 3 months of purchase) ex. Vat
€ 225,- for 5 sessions (to be used within 3 months of purchase) ex. Vat for students

Group sessions: time and price to be discussed together

Amsterdam Marcantilaan 255
Rotterdam via coachingshuis

Extra service
Session at home: I come over to your house (in Amsterdam) for appointments. Also you can hire me for your company or school. But I can come to your location to benefit your employers and students. If you like some extra support or something comes up between sessions you can always phone/email me.

Sessions are not covered by insurance but are tax deductible.

May I remember who I am
As the earth moves beneath my feet.
and new mountains emerge from the depths of the sea.
All that was hidden must now be revealed
with nothing left to cling to
and no one to blame,
I am at last alone with myself.
immersed in the ocean within
While it all rises up to meet me
and so i learn to breath
into the turbulent waters of my emotions
To find the inner anchor that holds still
as the winds for change and uncertainty
Blow through my mind my bones and my world.
nowhere left to run
Right here, right now.
open ready
it is time to return to wholeness
To remember who I am.